Bitcoin is an alternative virtual payment solution and we now accept bitcoins for all products in our store as well as our other methods including PayPal and Credit Cards. What are bitcoins? Bitcoins are a form of virtual currency based on cryptographic code that enables people to transfer digitally and without the fees of premium merchant accounts. In essence they are one of the first global stat...[Read More]

Amazon didn’t, quite, break the Internet Tuesday but a more than four-hour problem at one of the main storage systems for its AWS cloud computing company did cause headaches for hundreds of thousands of websites across the United States. A big portion of Amazon Web Services’ Amazon S3 system went offline Tuesday afternoon, a service used by 148,213 sites according to SimilarTech. The o...[Read More]

Tips on Writing Catchy Email Newsletters

Tips on Writing Catchy Email Newsletters   Create Relevant Subject Lines Most people go through their inbox at least once a day to remove irrelevant email. There’s just too much email and too little time so it’s critical for your emails have a subject line that makes people want to read more. People are looking for an excuse to delete your newsletter – don’t give them ...[Read More]

Google Maps API Key and new limits

Google Maps API Key and new limits Google announced on Wednesday Updates to Google Maps APIs Standard Plan. Here you can read the full article. For all new applications created on or after June 22, a Google Maps API Key will be required. Existing applications will continue to work without a key, but the new limits will be applied to everyone. Before this announcement, Google Maps API would return ...[Read More]

Can You Make Money With A Turnkey Website Business? First, let me explain what a turnkey website business is. Essentially, all aspects of the website have been designed for you. It is professionally designed, pre-built with proven income producing capabilities and ready to begin promoting from day one. The two most common types of turnkey websites are Affiliate based and Drop-ship based. I’m...[Read More]

Marketing Tips A very common question we are asked is, once my site is up and running how do I get traffic or visitors? And/or do you guys assist me with marketing or promoting my site? With every purchase we include our own detailed advice/tips how to most effectively promote and market your website. We provide you the exact same advice that we ourselves use to market. Additionally, all current c...[Read More]

Establishing a Website to Build Dollar Value The internet and the way it is being used to the average consumer is changing rapidly. People have learned with this new world comes new opportunities to make money on the web. There are variety of options from taking surveys to doing data entry work but for the entrepreneur who is looking to venture into something more serious with great potential, a g...[Read More]

Options You Have When Starting Your Online Home Business Starting your online home business is easy with a variety of options presented to the average consumer. But the problem is not finding an option to venture into, its finding the right online business that is going to be able to reap the success you want and give you long term source of both real financial income and overall fulfillment. This...[Read More]

An Easy Way To Start A Home Business Online With Turnkey Websites   Everyone is looking to make some extra money online an easy way. From the start of the Internet people have found ways to use the Internet to generate income from home. The only thing you need to get started is a Internet connection. There are thousands of opportunities online to choose from relating to working at home. Some ...[Read More]

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