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How to create downloadable product in WooCommerce

  • Fist, navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > General. Scroll down to Downloadable Products. You can manage the File Download Method and add the Access Restrictions options:


  • To add a new downloadable product, please navigate to Product > Add new.
  • Type in your product name, description, product short description, select the product category on the right.
  • In Product Data area, check Virtual and Downloadable options.
  • Click on Choose file next to File paths line. Upload a file from your computer. You can also set the Download limit or the number of days till the download expiration:

woocommerce_how_to_create_downloadable_product_1 woocommerce_how_to_create_downloadable_product_2

  • Once the file is uploaded, click on Publish.
  • You have created a downloadable product.

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