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How to enable user registration in Shopify

How to enable Login/Registration

Login/Registration feature is inbuilt within our templates. If it doesn’t appear in the front-end by default, perform the following steps:

  1. Open website’s admin panel.
  2. Navigate to the Settings> Checkout> Customer Accounts.


  3. Select ‘Accounts are required’. Enable Multipass Login feature if required (this is optional).
  4. Click ‘Save’ on top to update the changes.

Get back to the site’s admin panel to check the results. Login/Registration option is now available for the site.

How to edit the form

If you’d like to customize the form after its activation, files should be modified:

  1. Navigate to Online store> Themes> Edit HTML/CSS tab.
  2. Use quick search to locate customers/register.liquid file. It is usually located under the ‘Templates’ section. The file contains code for the form fields and its available options. Update the form via current online code editor.


  3. If you have custom template for the registration, click ‘Add a new template button’. Select ‘customers/register’ in the drop-down list, type template name. Then press ‘Create Template’ button to apply the change.

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