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How to manage Google Map in Shopify

  1. Log into the admin page and go to Online store -> Themes -> Customize a theme, search for Google map tab.
  2. To replace the map location, it’s enough to type in your new address in the field required. New map will be displayed automatically.


  3. After you’re done, save the changes and check the site.
  4. Now let’s see how to change the Zoom level. Open Online Store – Themes – Edit html/css files.
  5. Go to ‘Snippets’ directory and search for widget-googlemap.liquid’. Change the zoom level in line 13.


  6. Also, it’s possible to replace Google Map marker. Under ‘Assets’ search for marker image. In our template it is called marker1.png, in your one the name may be different.
  7. Remove the default image and upload your custom one with the same name/size/extension.
  8. To do it, click ‘Add a new asset’.


  9. Click ‘Choose file’ and select a new marker image on your computer.


  10. When the image has been selected, click ‘Upload asset’. Done! you’ve changed map marker successfully.

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