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How to Publish a New Directory with Dreamweaver

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Open the Files Pane

The files pane may already be open on your screen, if it isn’t click the arrow next to the word Files, or press F8 (Windows) or go to the Window menu and choose Files.
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Add the New Folder

Right click in the files pane on the folder where you want the new folder to be. For example, if you want it in the root of your Web site, right click on the site name. Then choose “New Folder”.

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Name the Folder

Change the “untitled” folder name to the folder name you’d like on the server. Remember that it’s not a good idea to have any characters other than the alphabet, numbers, and underscores in your directory names.

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Upload Your Directory

Upload the directory the same way you would upload the files. Highlight the directory and then click on the up arrow to post it to your Web server.

As long as your server connection settings are working, your new directory will be posted.

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Verify the Folder is On the Server

Switch to the “remote view” to see that the folder is now on your server. You can now post files into that directory.

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