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Connect to the Your Hosting Account you want to move your site to via FTP and upload the installer.php and your archive zip file to the directory you want to install the site in. You don’t need to install WordPress on the new server.

The one thing that the plugin doesn’t handle for you is setting up a new database for your site in your hosting account, so you’ll need to do this manually. Follow instruction in the next step to create your new database.

Creating a database in cPanel using the MySQL Database Wizard:

  1. Click the MySQL Database Wizard under the Databases heading
  2. Next to New Database enter a name for your database and click Next Step
  3. Next to Username enter a username.
  4. Enter a password next to Password, enter it again for Password (Again) and then click Create User
  5. On the next page, you’ll assign privileges for the user to the database. Check the box next to All Privileges and then click Next Step.

    Congratulations, you have just successfully created a database!

Make sure to make a note of your database host (if on a different server to your website files – localhost works for many hosts), username, password and database name as you’ll need them in the next step

Run the WebSite Installer

Access the installer script in your web browser from wherever you copied it to. For example http://www.mysite.com/installer.php

** Replace www.mysite.com/ with your actual website url**

You should see a screen like the one below. Fill out the fields with the information for the database you just set up:

  1. Enter the database information that you noted earlier, and click Test Settings.

If Your Test is successful, you then need to tick the box to say you’ve read all the warnings and notices, and then click“Run Deployment”. You’ll get a warning reminding you that any data existing in the database will be overwritten (so double-check you’ve entered the name of your new database and not an existing one!) which you can click OK to.

After installation, you’ll be presented with a page showing you the old and new Path and URL settings for your site. You have the opportunity to change your page title here and create a new admin user.

**IMPORTANT** For our sites, You will need to create a new admin.  So please click on create admin in the lower section of Step 2 in the installer.  You will now be presented a form where you can create a username and password. Once again please take note as this will be your admin login details.

You can then hit the “Run Update” button to update the database and finish off the site install.

When everything is done you will see a screen like this:

The install report will allow you to track any errors or warnings which you might need to troubleshoot. Clicking Save Permalinks will redirect you to the WordPress permalink options page (you will need to login) so the permalinks are refreshed and you don’t get 404 errors. The Test Site link will allow you to navigate the site and see if everything’s where it’s supposed to be. Finally the file cleanup link will remove the installer and archive files, it’s recommended that you do this.

That’s it, you have successfully moved your installation from the dev server to the live one!

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