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Shortcodes included with WooCommerce

Page Shortcodes:

Your cart is currently empty.

Return to shop

– shows the cart page

– shows the checkout page

To track your order please enter your Order ID in the box below and press the "Track" button. This was given to you on your receipt and in the confirmation email you should have received.

– shows the order tracking form



– shows the user account page


Used on the cart page, the cart shortcode displays cart content and interface for coupon codes and other cart bits and pieces.

Your cart is currently empty.

Return to shop


Used on the checkout page, the checkout shortcode displays the checkout process.

Order Tracking Form

Lets a user see the status of an order by entering their order details.

To track your order please enter your Order ID in the box below and press the "Track" button. This was given to you on your receipt and in the confirmation email you should have received.

My Account

Shows the ‘my account’ section where the customer can view past orders and update their information. You can specify the number of orders to show. By default, it’s set to 15 (use -1 to display all orders.)



Recent Products

Lists recent products – useful on the homepage. The ‘per_page’ shortcode determines how many products to show on the page and the columns attribute controls how many columns wide the products should be before wrapping.

Featured Products

Works the same as recent products but displays products that have been set as “featured.” In this example, the shortcode is saying: Show 12 featured products in 4 columns.


Show a single product by ID or SKU.


Show multiple products by ID or SKU. Make note of the plural ‘products.’

Add to Cart

Show the price and add to cart button of a single product by ID.

$6.99Add to cart

Add to Cart URL

Echo the URL on the add to cart button of a single product by ID.


Product Category

Show multiple products in a category by slug.

Go to: WooCommerce > Products > Categories to find the slug column.

Product Categories

Display product categories loop

Set the parent parameter to 0 to only display top level categories. Set IDs to a comma separated list of category IDs to only show those.

Product Page

Show a full single product page by ID or SKU.

Make Money Squeeze Page


SKU: Money Squeeze Category: Tags: ,


Make Money Squeeze Page 

This is what will pull in new subscribers for you round the clock! Your squeeze page comes packed with uber elite graphics and attention-grabbing text that will stop and cold traffic in their tracks and get them signing up and taking action! We’ve sliced the graphics and placed them in HTML tables ready for you to edit how you want so you can start using them straight away!

Integrated Aweber opt-in code – We like to do as much as the work for you as possible which is why we’ve formatted and aligned the squeeze page so that your opt-in form will sit perfectly in the template. All you have to do is edit the code in HTML view with your list name and redirect URL and you’re all set!

Wow, Great Package!… What’s The Best Way To Use These Squeeze page?
Method #1: Write your own report and save it as a PDF and hand out freely. Your report can be a general overview of the methods and techniques used to make money online e.g. Affiliate marketing, PPC marketing, Product creation etc. You’d then recommend products within the report which product affiliate products or your own websites. Not only are you educating your visitors, but you’re pre-selling them too – who better to send educated visitors to a sales page?
Method #2: Integrate the sign-up funnel with a tell-a-friend offer. You could offer your visitor a free website, another free report, a video training series, an audio interview or anything else of real value. They fill in your tell-a-friend form and receive your bonus gift and in turn, you receive more traffic without doing any extra work!
Method #3: Add a one-time offer after sign-up to monetize your free traffic! I personally like doing this myself. I simply add a special upgrade offer which compliments the free report or product they just signed up for. For example if you just gave away a free report on how to start an eBay business, your upgrade could be step-by-step training videos to give the subscriber a better learning experience of a more in-depth eBook that goes through the finer details and reveal hidden strategies. Plan your upgrade offers in advance before creating your free content, and you’ll have an irresistable offer with high conversions!
Method #4: Set up an affiliate program with promotional material so that any free subscriber can promote your website and earn a commission whenever someone buys the upgrade offer. Set your default landing page as your squeeze page so that traffic is funnelled through your capture form first, and then the offer is made. This alone can send 100s, if not 1000s of subscribers to your list completely automatically!
Method #5: Encourage JV partners and affiliates to add a banner or text ad on their download / thank you page with their affiliate link so that anyone who has just bought their product will see your free offer and more than likely take you up on your special upgrade. Placing yourself on the download / thankyou pages of other people’s websites is prime real estate. You know the traffic source from there are real buyers, so why not make use of it. It’s a win-win-win situation for you, your affiliate and the customer who wants to invest.
Method #6: Add 5-10 emails into your auto-responder that promote your products, affiliate products and tell the subscriber a bit about yourself, your business and what you can do for them. This not only builds a strong bond with your readers, but allows you to monetize subscribers automatically even if you haven’t created a new product recently or simply don’t feel like sending out a broadcast email! A lot of marketers over-look this technique and simply concentrate on list-building, but now you know where the real power is!
Method #7: Get traffic from forums and blog comments! The easiest and fastest way to get traffic to your squeeze page is to start interacting in forums and blogs. As long as you’re allowed to leave a signature link or URL, you can start interactive with others, leave a link behind and receive free traffic. If you’ve applied all the previous methods, you’ll now have a system ready to keep that traffic flowing and generating sales and commissions for you automatically.

Sale Products

List all products on sale.

Best-Selling Products

List best-selling products on sale.

Related Products

List related products.

Top Rated Products

List top-rated products on sale.

Product Attribute

List products with an attribute shortcode.


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