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What is a Dreamweaver Design Note?

Design notes are notes you write about a file in Dreamweaver. They are associated with that file in Dreamweaver, but stored separately. They are ideal for containing information about the file that you don’t want visible to customers.

What are Design Notes Used For?

Design notes can be used for almost anything, but here are some suggestions:

  • Set the status – Dreamweaver comes with 8 built-in status levels: draft, revision1, revision2, revision3, alpha, beta, final, and needs attention.
  • Write an explanatory note about the status.
  • Date stamp your files with “last edited” or “created” dates.
  • Leave notes explaining what needs to be done on a file, or what has been done already.
  • Include details about images or objects such as the source files, who created them, or where you can get additional files.
  • Note details that you can’t leave in the file, like configuration information or how a design decision was reached.
  • When you open a file in Fireworks or Flash, they automatically store the name of the source file (when it’s exported) into a design note.

How to Add Design Notes to a File

Design notes are very easy to add to your files.

  1. For an open file: Click on the Files menu and choose “Design Notes…”
    For a file in the File window, right-click (Windows) or control-click (Macintosh) on the file and choose “Design Notes…”
  2. Fill in the notes field.
  3. Click OK.

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