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WHMCS – Configuring the Temporary Path (for auto updates)

A temporary path is required for staging of files during an update. It will not be possible to perform an automatic update until a writeable location is specified:

Begin by creating a directory on your server. Do this using your preferred FTP client or file manager. The temporary directory should be:

  • Located outside the public doc root (similar to the attachments, downloads and templates_c directories)
  • Writeable by the user running PHP
  • There are no restrictions on the directory name, we suggest something descriptive (eg. updater_tmp_dir)

Make a note of the absolute path to the newly created directory.

Navigate to Utilities > Update WHMCS

Select the Configure Update Settings located towards the top right of the page.

Enter the  absolute path to the newly created directory into the Temporary Path field (eg. /home/accountname/updater_tmp_dir).

Click Save Changes to complete the process.

Your now ready to run the updater again 🙂 !

Hope this article will have help other that just like me struggled on this automated update.


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