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WHMCS – Fraud Protection

WHMCS can automatically run checks on orders to help ensure only valid clients get through and any potentially fraudsters are blocked. By integrating with a range of providers there is a choice of services available; from checking the details of the person placing the order against their billing details down to automatically calling and verifying their identity. The following fraud protection services are supported:

  • MaxMind – Risk Scoring & Phone Verification Services
  • VariLogiX FraudCall – Phone Verification Service

Setting Up Fraud Modules

To enable and use a fraud protection module in WHMCS, begin by going to Setup > Fraud Protection

  • Choose the module you want to use from the dropdown
  • Tick the Enable checkbox and then complete the fields – the fields vary depending upon specific supported options for each solution
  • Finally Save Changes to complete

Note: You can only use one fraud protection module at a time so only tick the enable box for 1


MaxMind is by far the most popular fraud detection service used by customers of WHMCS. MaxMind offers a risk scoring service that will run automatically each time an order is placed, calculating a score instantly for the riskiness of a particular order based on both the data captured from a customer during signup and the IP Address they are connecting from. WHMCS then allows you to use this score to automatically block orders that you deem to be too risky to allow through for payment, but you still have the option to manually override upon manual review if required.

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