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WHMCS – How To Update Domain Pricing

Occasionally it may be necessary to update the price of existing domain names or products in your system, for example in line with wholesale price increases. There may also be times where it is desirable to increase the price of specific domain addons, for example if you wish to start charging for ID Protection after previously offering it for free. This can be achieved with the Bulk Pricing Updater Addon and these instructions:

  • Begin by navigating to Setup > Addon Modules
  • Locate and Activate the addon named Bulk Pricing Updater (it may already be active in which case you can skip this step)
  • Next you need to ensure you have access to the module by scrolling down the page following activation and ensuring your admin role group (usually Full Administator) has the checkbox ticked in the Access Control permissions for it.
  • Now navigate to Addons > Bulk Pricing Updater to actually access the addon module
  • This is where you can then set your criteria and perform the pricing update. This should be done as follows:
    • Step 1 – Choose the type of item you wish to make a pricing update to – which in this case is Domains.
    • Step 2 – Specify the criteria for identifying the items you wish to change the pricing on by ticking the corresponding TLD(s) checkboxes.
      • Next select the statuses you want to apply the change to, just Pending, Pending Transfer and Active statuses are what we recommend as Expired and Cancelled domains won’t be billed again
      • Next it’s onto selecting the Registration Period you want to apply the change to. 1 Year, 2 Years, etc… You will need to run an update for each pricing term you offer.
      • If you only wish to change the price of domains with specific addons active, tick the relevant Domain Addons checkboxes. This is useful for adjusting the price of the individual addons (eg. increasing the price of ID Protection one would tick the ID Protection checkbox).
      • The next 2 fields are optional – they are currency and current price. If you run multiple currencies then you would need to do a separate update request for each currency, and if you have certain clients on older or special pricing, you can use the current price field to restrict a change to only users with a specific current price, thus allowing you to keep the users on different pricing
      • Finally you will also be asked to provide either a New Price to assign matching items to, or an amount to Increase Existing Prices By. You should only ever specify one or the other of these – never both.
    • Step 3 – Review – This step provides a summary of your criteria and the change that will be made and asks you to confirm everything is correct.
      • Once you proceed, the action cannot be undone, so be sure to check the proposed changes and criteria.
    • Step 4 – Perform Update – The updates will be performed and the addon will tell you the number of items that were adjusted.
      • Upon completion of an update, if you find it didn’t apply to as many items as you had expected, you will be given the option to go back and refine your criteria further should you wish to edit the choices you made and try again.

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