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WHMCS – Messages/Emails

Sending Emails to a Client

One Off Mail

  • Begin by locating the client that you want to send the email to either by searching or locating their name in the clients list and then follow the link through to the client summary page
  • Next, in the Send Email panel, select the New Message option and click Send
  • This will take you to the email composition window where you can enter your message before clicking Send Message

Save as a Template

  • When composing your message, if you think you may want to use it again in the future, you can save it.
  • To do this, tick the Save Message checkbox under the Subject field and enter a name to add it to the Email Templates.

Predefined Templates

  • Predefined templates can be sent on demand for clients, products & domains. Other email types are only sent when specific events occur.

Client Related

  • Locate the client that you want to send the email to either by searching or locating their name in the clients list and then follow the link through to the client summary page
  • Next, in the Send Email panel, select the name of the email template and click Send

Product & Domain Related

  • From the Client Summary page, click the edit icon next to the service or domain you want to send the email related to
  • Now scroll to the bottom of the product or domain details page that gets displayed
  • There you’ll see a Send Message dropdown where you can choose the template name and click Send

Invoice Related

  • Navigate to Billing > Invoices and click the Invoice ID in question
  • From the Summary tab use the dropdown menu to select an email
  • Finally click the adjacent Send Email button.

Customise the Template before Sending

  • There might be some occasions where you want to send a predefined template but make some modifications first.
  • To do this, follow the steps as above but instead of choosing the template name choose New Message.
  • Then on the message composition screen which you are taken to for the new message, scroll to the bottom where you’ll see a Load Message dropdown box.
  • From there you can choose the predefined template and load it into the message box ready for you to customise before sending.

Automatic Mail

In version 5.0 and later, emails can be sent automatically to your clients when certain events and/or criteria are met using the Email Marketer tool. For example sending a follow up email if a product is still in pending status x days after ordering, or upselling to clients with certain products/services/addons. Ie. “You’ve got product x you might be interested in product y”.

More information can be found on the Email Marketer page.

Resending Emails to Clients

  • Begin by locating the email you want to resend. You can do this from the Email tab inside a clients profile or the master email log accessed in Utilities > Logs > Email Log.
  • Next, click the Resend icon on the message’s row that you want to resend
  • The email will now be loaded into the message editor where you can edit the content and add any additional recipients
  • Once you are ready, click the Send Message button to resend.

Mass Mailing

The Mass Mail Tool allows the sending of an email message to a group of clients ranging from every client on file to those who meet specific criteria. To use the tool navigate to Clients > Mass Mail Tool. More detailed documentation can be found on the Mass Mail page.


Contacts can be used to send a copy of a message to a different email address. When sending one-off or mass mails, contacts and sub-accounts that have the General email notification option ticked will receive a copy of any General mass mails sent to the master account holder.

If the contact has the Product email notification option ticked, they will receive copies of mass mails with the Product/Service email type. Similarly contacts with Domain email notifications ticked will receive a copy of Domain type mass mails. Finally, when sending invoice related emails, the contact will receive a copy if they have the Invoice email notification option ticked.

Contacts won’t be listed in the recipients list when composing the message, but if their master account is listed and they have the appropriate email permission, they will receive a copy.

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