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WHMCS – How to Regenerate Historical Invoices

When switching from a manual billing system or software for which an import script is not available it may be desirable to have a record of past invoices issued before you started using WHMCS.

Once the client and their service has been added navigate to the client’s Product’s/Services tab set the Next Due Date on the back to the date you want the first historical invoice to be due via their Products/Services tab and Save Changes. So for example if the client has an invoice every month starting a year ago, set it to 28/06/2011.

Click the Generate Due Invoices button from the summary page and last year’s invoice will be created. When prompted select “No” so a notification email is not sent to the client.

Next navigate to the Invoices tab, click the invoice and then the Add Payment tab to record the payment details per Transactions. Untick the “Send Email” option so the client is not notified of the payment.

This will cause the Next Due Date to increment forward 1 billing cycle, so in our example it will now be 28/06/2012. Once again click the “Generate Due Invoices” and the June 2011 invoice will be created, Add Payment to the invoice….

Now just repeat until the Next Due Date is showing the date the client’s next payment is due.

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