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WHMCS – Security Questions

Security questions can be used as an extra level of security when your clients contact you in order to verify their identify. You can then prompt them for the answer to the question they selected.

Also, when resetting their password from the client area, the client will be prompted to select their security question, and enter the answer before a new password will be generated.

You will need to add your security questions before your clients can use this feature. To do that, go to Setup > Other > Security Questions. From here, you can see your existing security questions and how many clients are using them, add new questions, and delete any unused questions.

To add a new question, type in the available text box and press save changes. This will add the security question to the system.

Clients are prompted to choose and answer a security question when registering, modifying their account password or requesting a new password.

You cannot delete Security Questions that are in use.

Example Questions

Below are some suggestions for security questions you could use:

  • What was the house number and street name you lived in as a child?
  • What were the last four digits of your childhood telephone number?
  • What primary school did you attend?
  • In what town or city was your first full time job?
  • In what town or city did you meet your spouse/partner?
  • What is the middle name of your oldest child?
  • What are the last five digits of your driver’s licence number?
  • What is your grandmother’s (on your mother’s side) maiden name?
  • What is your spouse or partner’s mother’s maiden name?
  • In what town or city did your mother and father meet?
  • What time of the day were you born? (hh:mm)
  • What time of the day was your first child born? (hh:mm)

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