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WHMCS – Switching Domain Registrars

Domain prices change frequently, so if one finds one’s chosen registrar is no longer competitively priced it may be desirable to transfer existing domains to a different registrar without the client’s knowledge. WHMCS can make the process easier, saving the need to log into both provider’s control panels:

  1. Begin by navigating to Clients > Domain Registrations and select the domain in question.
  2. Untick the Registrar Lock checkbox and click Save Changes
  3. Click the Modify Contact Details button.
  4. Change the registrant email address to your own and click Save Changes.
  5. Return to the client’s Domains tab and click the Get EPP Code button
  6. Note down the EPP Code provided on-screen
  7. Select the new domain registrar from the Registrar dropdown menu
  8. Click the Transfer Module Command button.

You should see a confirmation message stating the transfer was initiated successfully. It is likely that the client’s Domains tab will display an error message from the new registrar, but this will disappear once the transfer process is complete.

Once the transfer process has been completed, be sure to use the Modify Contact Details button to change the registrant email address back to the client’s own.

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