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WHMCS – System Cleanup

With constant daily operations the log files in WHMCS can become quite large, the Cleanup Operations page allows logs to be pruned to reduce the size of the database and reduce disk space. The page is located at Utilities > System > System Cleanup

Take care to only delete information you’re certain is no longer required (for audit purposes etc). WHMCS Technical Support may be unable to assist in some matters if the relevant logs have been removed.

Empty Gateway Log

Clears out the Billing > Gateway Log of communication between you and your payment gateways. Transactions and invoices are unaffected.

Empty Whois Lookup Log

Clears out the Utilities > Logs > WHOIS Lookup Log of the domains that have been checked by clients.

Empty Ticket Mail Import Log

Clears out the Utilities > Logs > Ticket Mail Import Log of the record of emails piped into the WHMCS ticket system. The tickets themselves are unaffected.

Empty Template Cache

WHMCS caches templates into static files to reduce the loading time of each page. In order for template changes to take effect it is necessary to clear the cached files.

In order to do this one should remove all existing files from the templates_c folder which you can do quickly and easily using this option. Please ensure the /templates_c directory is writeable so that WHMCS is able to delete the cache files and generate new ones.

Prune Client Activity Logs

Select a date and any client entries in the Utilities > Logs > Activity Log before that date will be removed. Non client related entries will remain.

Prune Saved Emails

Select a date and any emails recorded in the Utilities > Logs > Email Message Log before that date will be removed.

Prune Old Attachments

Select a date and any support ticket attachments uploaded before that date will be removed from the ticket and also deleted from the /attachments directory.

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