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Windows 10 – Shortcuts

In Windows 10, a shortcut is simply an icon that directs you to an item (a document, application, or picture) that is located somewhere else in your computer. As the name implies, shortcuts make it easier for you to access that item by being more accessible (usually on the Desktop). Shortcuts are identified by a small arrow in the corner of the icon.


Creating a Shortcut

To create a shortcut in your Desktop, follow these steps −

Step 1 − Position your mouse pointer over an empty space and right-click.

Step 2 − In the menu, select New and then Shortcut.


Step 3 − On the Create Shortcut window, you can either Browse or type the location of the item you want to access.


Choosing Browse will open another window, allowing you to search for the item in your computer.


Step 4 − After choosing the item and clicking Next, you can assign or change the name with which the shortcut will be identified.


Step 5 − After making any changes, click Finish. You will then see the shortcut in your Desktop.

Deleting the shortcut won’t delete the file it accesses.

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