Backup Services


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You Can Hire Us To Make Your Backups!


After you have placed your order, a professional will begin to make your back-up within (most likely your backup will be ready within 4-12 hours) but we prefer say 48 hours to be safe.

Please attach a note on your order with your login details of the account you want a backup.  We will generate a back up from your account (cpanel, VPS, Server,Hosting Account, ect).  Once the back-up is generated, we will download it and save it to our secured vault for you.  If you ever need a restoration, You just need to contact us and we will re-upload the back up free of charge to your account.

** Once The Back-up Will be made and saved we will update the order and send you a confirmation email. ** 


Please keep in mind that our prices will be based for back ups under 5 GB.  If your account is bigger then 5 GB, you will need to order this product one time for each 5 GB.

Example:  Your account size is 7.82 GB  You will order this product with quantity: 2

All Back-up are saved on a secured server that we backup daily for safety.   We will restore your files and database for you free, Nothing to worry about, we handle it all for you!