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Legal Docs Keyword and website with digital downloadable forms MAKE $$$

Ready to go money making machine with high potential for growth. Site is pre-loaded with 83 available forms downloads ($4.95 each) as a revenue source.

“Legal Documents are searched daily online and provide an excellent way for site monetization”

The domain has a high potential for continued development and I’ll provide you additional resources for adding more content for the site.

The site has high potential as a lead generating website or for generating lucrative ad revenue.

Prime Income Sources & development tips: 

  • Income Source #1 -This Website allows users to purchase professional legal forms for $4.95 each. All payments will go directly to the new owners paypal account and you will keep 100% of the income generated. You can sell the legal forms any way you like for any price so if you want to supplement your income by selling using eBay, craigslist or other classified ads you can.
  • Income Source #2 -This Website is setup with contextual ads on every single page that will automatically target to your user based on their past searches. Each time a visitor clicks on any one of those ads you will be paid a nice payout of on average $0.25 – $1 per click. Letme be clear, the visitor does NOT need to buy anything, they justclick the ad and you make money. These ads pay anywhere from a$0.10 to $20 per click, depending on the popularity of thekeywords related to your site.
  • Income Source #3 -This Website could include search boxes integrated across the website pages, you will be paid a for each search done by your users. From past experience the average amountyou will earn is between$0.04 and $0.12 per search done.
  • Income Source #4 -This Website  can have ads integrated across all the website’s different pages referring advertisers to Search. When a new advertiser registers after clicking from your site you will earn 10% of that new advertiser’s expenditures for one year. From past experience the average amount you will earn is between$10 and $50 per advertiser referred.
  • Income Source #5 -This website is setup with an AMAZON affiliate store stocked with legal books, literature and additional forms, you will receive a commission between 4 and 11% for each sale generated by anybody who has visited your website so even if your user does NOT purchase the same time or day you will still be credited with the commission when they do go back to amazon and buy at a later date. From past experience theaverage commission per sale earned is between $1-$10 per sale.

Overall, the site is integrated with multiple income sources and can be furthered expanded to include advertisers or legal ads that have a high PPC. (see comparable keyword search data below for more information)