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Premium dating script with an unique design featuring a new style of dating sites ALREADY MONETIZED!

Site features

  • Supports 48 languages FOR REAL!, more than Badoo
  • Fully Ajax links, making the script fast as a ferrari
  • Unique design, unique theme
  • Unique mobile site app style
  • Smart email notifications
  • 2 advertise slots
  • Credit system
  • Basic and premium account system
  • PayPal Integration
  • PayGol Integration for accept SMS Payments WORLDWIDE
  • Photo viewer sexiest than Instagram
  • Spotlight in the right part of the site, innovating the regular top header spotlight
  • And much more…

Smart Email features

  • New message email notification if the user is offline
  • Sends email notification when new user register and some else in that area is looking for someone like him/her , this notification activates after the new user add his profile photo for show it in the email,
  • Sends email notification when you got a match
  • Sends email notification when someone likes you

Users features

  • Import photos from instagram
  • Activate/desactivate email notification
  • Smart search filter, script remember every change of the search filter
  • Report/block other users
  • Connect with facebook directly
  • Discover game like badoo
  • See who visited the profile
  • History of given likes
  • Delete the account
  • Add public or private photos
  • Added “bio” in the profile

Chat features

  • Support multiplatform Videochat high quality like skype/facebook using peer to peer connection.
  • Support emoji
  • Support private photo in the chat user-to-user
  • Smart chat with bubble heads
  • Chat filter in the left section always visible
  • New messages automatic notification with title change
  • Virtual gifts
  • Notification sound on new message
  • Email notification if user is offline

Admin Features

  • Advanced user and site statistics (User Registered, Active Users,Users online, Total photos, Total videocalls).
  • Change logo, site title, site name, description , keywords and default site lang.
  • Edit the gifts prices, the credits packges, and the premium accounts plans.
  • Allows you to manage registered users, edit information and delete users.
  • Allows you to edit/review the 48 languages of the script.
  • Edit the top ad spot and the left ad spot, If you dont want to show any ad just leave it blank.
  • Allows you to manage photos of users.
  • See the logs of every videocalls.

Videocall browsers supportWorks properly in Chrome and Firefox, also allow cross browsers videocall. but if you will test it with the same computer do it with same browser and one window must be incognit.
2016 note: Chrome updated his security to only allow getUserMedia(); access to SSL domains, so you must have HTTPS domain for use the videochat in chrome, on mozilla is working fine.