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Finally, There’s a Useful, Uncomplicated Way to Offer Support Tickets to Your Clients and Your Visitors!

The definitive WordPress Plugin that enables you to efficiently and conveniently offer simple support tickets to your clients – and improve your online business by organizing all queries in a simple yet life-saving way!

It’s time to offer your clients the kind of attention they deserve, by offering support tickets. This way, you will organize in an efficient and practical manner all incoming queries, questions or concerns.

“WP EZ Ticketing” will allow you to accomplish just that.

These are the benefits and features of this life-saving WP plugin…

  • Incredibly easy-to-use, user-friendly interface – where a simple glance will show you incoming tickets. Also, with just the click of a button, you can conveniently reply to tickets.
  • Your visitors, users and guests can quickly and painlessly create a support ticket. They can also easily track it and reply to it if they need. Pure convenience to them!
  • At all times, tickets are automatically tracked with details – this way your customers will never be left in the dark (something that’s critically important for your success!)
  • “WP EZ Ticketing” has a fully functional and complete editor – users can upload and download files. Also, images can be previewed (this way, users can instantly see the pics you’ve attached.)
  • The WP plugin will immediately send an email notification for both:when a new ticket submission occurs (for both admin and users) and also when there’s any type of update.
  • Easy Ticket filtering/sorting based on email, name, memberID or topic.
  • “WP EZ Ticketing” contains something that most ticketing software out there never offer: Priority, status, type and product keys selection for each ticket!
  • You can assign tickets to any specific member of your team.
  • Save your clients’ time: You can include an FAQ and Knowledge Base module area where users can find relevant answers before submitting a ticket.
  • And much, much more!

Distribution Rights:

You have giveaway rights to the Lite Edition of the plugin.

* Giveaway rights allow you to give away to your customers or list subscribers.