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Tired of your blogs not getting enough attention?

Are you secretly hoping to get more traffic, sales and subscribers?

Here’s How You Can Finally Increase Your Traffic, Subscribers And Sales With This Groundbreaking, Incredibly Powerful WP Plugin!

Best Part Is That You Will Instantly Capture The Attention Of Your Visitors And Stop Them In Their Tracks, So That They Will LISTEN and PAY ATTENTION To What You Have To Say!

WP Popper Pro is a fantastic WordPress Plugin that allows you to easily and quickly churn out attention-grabbing pop ups with content that will make your visitors STAY and BUY from you.

The beauty of this exclusive plugin is that you can use in-content video, image and text pop ups where you can showcase any product of yours, engaging articles and even profiles (the sky is the limit here!)

Check out the incredible features…

  • Extremely easy to use and deploy – with just a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Fully customizable – There’s no limitations, you can change font, color, size and much more!
  • Attract MORE traffic to your blogs with the “Social Sharing” feature. Get ready for a stampede of social traffic visiting your blogs! (and increasing your sales at the same time)
  • Add attention-grabbing sound effects – these are proven to make them stay longer, and increases the chances to increase subscribers and sales.
  • Possibility to insert anywhere using shortcode – make it appear wherever you want!
  • Works perfectly and seamlessly with any type of autoresponder (you need to have the autoresponder code in HTML version).
  • And much, much more!

Distribution Rights:

You have giveaway rights to the Lite Edition of the plugin.

* Giveaway rights allow you to give away to your customers or list subscribers.